SERIES II Saxophones

The Series II sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, base and baritone saxophones have been the professional choice for a generation and continue to be the most popular professional saxophone in the world. The reasons are clear: they all possess a flexible but centered tone that is natural in almost any playing situation. Yellow brass body tubes and keys resonate across the entire timbre spectrum: full-ribbed construction enhances their durability. The Series’ superior intonation characteristics make these saxophone a natural choice for any professional or those who aspire to be.

 Model 50 Sopranino Saxophone


Sopranino Saxophone

 Model 51 Soprano Saxophone


Soprano Saxophone

 Model 52 Alto Saxophone


Alto Saxophone

 Model 54 Tenor Saxophone


Tenor Saxophone

 Model 55AF Baritone Saxophone


Baritone Saxophone

 Model 56 Bass Saxophone


Bass Saxophone

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