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COVID-19 Resources

Products and initiatives to aid music education, students, and teachers.

Conn-Selmer is here to help you navigate through the pandemic and we’ve recently added several new products to our distribution portfolio. While we are always ready and willing to assist you, below are a few of the new initiatives and products we are distributing to students, educators, and industry professionals. For further questions or to speak with a Conn-Selmer authorized dealer, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Merv-13 Instrument Bell Covers

The Conn-Selmer Merv-13 Instrument Bell Covers feature a removable and washable Merv-13 filter with a pouch for easy removal and replacement. The Conn-Selmer Instrument Bell Covers are designed to keep air particulates from escaping the instrument while not altering the pitch or the quality of sound. They are made from double layered stretch nylon and are machine washable. Only Available in Black.

  • Bell cover creates a barrier for droplets
  • Double layer with a removable Merv-13 filter insert for blocking small particles with no measurable dB reduction
  • Easy on/off application with built in elastic to minimize air leakage
  • Available in multiple sizes, from 3” to 19”
stacked covers

Available Sizes

CSBC3M3”, fits most Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, and Soprano Saxophones
CSBC5M5”, fits most Trumpet, Bass Clarinet, and Alto Saxophones
CSBC8M8”, fits most Trombone, Tenor Saxophone and Baritone Saxophones
CSBC9M9”, fits most Bass Trombones and larger bell Tenor Trombones
CSBC105M10.5”, fits most larger bell Bass Trombones, Baritones and Euphoniums
CSBC15M15”, fits most 3/4 size Tubas
CSBC19M19”, fits most 4/4 BBb Tubas

Bell Covers without Merv-13 filters are still available in most sizes:
CSBC5, CSBC8, CSBC9, CSBC105, CSBC15, and CSBC19

instruments using merv covers

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CSIB Instrument Bags

CSIB – The CSIB series is a deluxe 2-ply small instrument bag designed with a drawstring opening to allow the musician to play the instrument while also protecting them against the spread of airborne droplets. Available in three different sizes: small for clarinet, medium for alto saxophone, and large for tenor saxophones. All CSIBs are made from 100 denier woven 92% poly, 8% spandex, and is machine washable. *A portion of every purchase will be donated to United Sound, a peer mentoring organization that helps students with special needs participate in music education.

  • Available in small (CSIBS), medium (CSIBM), and large (CSIBL)
  • Easy on/off application
  • Circular holes cut out of the bag for hand access and playability.
  • Machine washable
Mannequin wearing a face mask

CSFM1 Conn-Selmer Face Mask

The Conn-Selmer facemask, model CSFM1, is a deluxe adjustable one-size-fits all facemask designed with an opening to allow the musician to play his/her instrument while having a fully functional facemask when not playing an instrument. It is made from 92% poly, 8% spandex, a medium fabric weight of 240 GSM (grams per square metre), and is machine washable. *A portion of every purchase will be donated to United Sound, a peer mentoring organization, that helps students with special needs participate in music education. Our facemasks feature:

  • Adjustable ear loops
  • Flexible metal nose piece for a more secure fit
  • Double layer fabric for blocking small particles without disrupting instrument playability

Rshield BioScreen by RATstands

The Rshield BioScreens include a range of portable and adjustable protective screens uniquely designed to provide protection from the spread of airborne droplets in any workspace, classroom, or social scene. Conn-Selmer is the distributor of a range of sizes and materials to ensure that BioScreens are easy to use and properly equip organizations an effective bio safe environment! Unlike other designs, these products are intended to encourage long-term bio safety and are made from quality components developed for multi-use within any industry.

Rshield BioScreen Features

Shield base and pole

Height Adjustable and Easy to Clean

RAT8200 stacked

Stackable and Portable

Shields joined together

Linkable at any angle

Shields attached to desk

Adaptable for any Classroom Layout

Desk Flag
musicians playing instruments with protection

The Desk Flag gives you all the room you need around your desk without the feeling of being closed in. Great for classrooms and educational environments were separation between students is important.

Full Height
musicians playing instruments with protection

Perfect for room separation and social distancing, while also being easily moveable. These screens are stackable, come will a strong steel “X” shaped base, and are 100% transparent. You will hardly even know they are there!

Short Height
musicians playing instruments with protection

Good for many different applications where you have activities that involve participants standing and sitting. Great for music classrooms and various instrumental rehearsals.

Sheet Music

Remote Resources to Support Classroom Teaching and Learning

Music Professor has a robust content library to supplement and support at-home learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. Your students can easily practice with self-paced learning from professional educators you can trust and engaging activities they will enjoy.


The RATstand is one of the United Kingdom’s leading manufacturer of music stands, conductor stands, chairs, lights, and staging. Inspired by the world’s most demanding musicians, they created the best possible music stands, lights, and accessories to share with the world. With a philosophy to keep it simple – RATstand encompass beautiful designs and technically advanced materials to support new heights of artistic performance.


Stay up-to-date on all the recently resource and the leading studies being conducted to help our industry navigate this new landscape. We will continue to update this section and new information becomes available.

International Coalition of Performing Arts Aerosol Study -Round 2 (August 6, 2020)

Performing Arts Aerosol Study

2nd Round Preliminary Results (PDF)

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